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Bid documents exemplify the comprehensive strength of a company or business entity, as they incorporate the full spectrum of technology to management, and of financial capital to past experience. In this sense, bid documents in general contain plentiful information on different specializations. Thus, translation of bid documents is a test of the strength of translation companies. At the same time, bid documents are very important to the businesses concerned. A bid document usually predicts a big potential project, which can bring profits and recognition to the business, and might even decide the fate of that business. As a result, the accurate and quality translation of bid documents into the functional language of the target project is a crucial factor.

The translation of bid documents is commonly known as a heavy task with high requirements, to be accomplished within tight timelines. Translators must be capable of translating extensive materials in a relatively short period of time, with very high quality.

Bid documents are generally separated into two primary categories: technical bids and commercial bids. Commercial bids relate to company profiles, previous performances, and all kinds of qualification certifications, which fall into the fields of law, financial affairs, and management. Technical bids mainly encompass technical elaborations, illustrations and equipment for the projects, relating to specializations of industrial sectors, with in-depth descriptions. Therefore, talented staff reserves and the flexible assignment of translators are necessary for the successful translation of bid documents. Over the years, Sunlike Translation has accumulated a great deal of experience in translating bid documents. We are able to organize a team of translators in a very short period of time after receiving a client project, and process the documents with high efficiency and a clear division of labor. We operate following a set of scientific and rational operation procedures, enabling us to complete a large amount of translation work with high speed and high quality, while maintaining close cooperation with the client. The following is a list of the projects whose bid documents we have translated: Beijing Metro Line 1 Project, Beijing Metro Line 2 Project, Beijing Metro Bawangfen-Tongzhou Line Project, Beijing Metro Line 4 Project, Beijing Metro Line 10 Project, Tianjin Metro Line 1 Project, Wuhan Metro Project, Guangzhou Metro Project, Daimler-Chrysler Plant in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, West-to-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, World Bank Loan Project, and other petroleum and natural gas projects.

With our experience in these fields, we are well-prepared to provide qualified, professional and trustworthy translation services to you, while valuing professional structures, administration, and quality control of our translators.


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